Indianapolis Woman Goes On Racist Rant, Calls Black Man “Dumb N-Word”

Update: 3.31.20 – We have been informed by a Facebook user named Chelle Bailey that Laura Mortan has attempted to change her Facebook page, changing her name to Samantha Calloway and removing a lot of information.

Indianapolis, IN: An Indianapolis woman (identified via Facebook user investigators as Laura Mortan) was recently caught on camera calling a black man “Dumb N***er” after an exchange with him. Obviously, people are angry with her and have found out that she works for Anthem BCBS as well as where she lives. They have also flooded her comments with responses to her rant.


Facebook User Hailey Bernard who shared the video (below) says “I BEG OF YALL NOT TO HARASS HER KIDS!! I talked to her daughter and she is embarrassed and disgusted with her mom and has posted it several times. The address is no longer Laura’s either her daughter and her roommate lives there so be cautious of what you do. LEAVE HER KIDS ALONE BUT KEEP EMAILING HER JOBS AND SHARING THE POST!!”


Laura Mortan later apologized and that exchange was filmed as well. If you are offended, do you accept her apology? What say you?


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