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Q&A By Tyrone Davis 

When did you decide you wanted to be an actor?
This is going to sound extremely random, but the film Happy Gilmore inspired me. I was in 3rd grade when I first saw that movie (probably too young to be watching it, to be honest), but I just remember laughing SO MUCH. It was the funniest thing and I remember thinking, “Wow! That movie made me really happy. I want to do that. I want to help make other people happy and laugh just like that movie did.” That was one of the reasons I wanted to get in the industry. I didn’t actually start acting until high school.

Tell us about “Power Rangers Beast Morphers” and your character, Betty Burke.
Beast Morphers is the 26th and 27th season of Power Rangers! The fact that it’s been on for 26 years was already enough to draw me to this project. One thing about the show that I love the most is that it actually teaches kids about values, friendship and working as a team for the greater good. It’s seriously an awesome, heart touching and action-packed show. My character, Betty, is an absolute freaking riot. She is there to make the kids laugh, especially since the show can get pretty dark. She is COMPLETELY endearing, always trying her hardest to help out the Rangers in whatever way she can, whether its out on the fighting field or inventing new things for them to use, keeping watch, etc. The list goes on.

What makes this show different from previous versions in the franchise?
It’s the first season where it is owned by Hasbro, which is honestly mind blowing to be part of the start of the Hasbro era for the Power Rangers. I think the story line flows really well. Not to mention, I think every single character is really integrated into the show! Ben and Betty are the comedic duo but they are also part of the team, which I think is so great. They get to help out and try to do good with the Rangers. Their dad is also the General, which definitely affects the story line as well.

What do you enjoy most about filming this show in particular? 
Filming with the crew. We work long 14 hour days, starting before the sun comes up, then coming home from work when the sun is down and immediately preparing and memorizing our lines for the next day! Sometimes it can be tiring but the crew always has a smile on their face (not to mention they work SO HARD). We truly have been so blessed to work on a production where everyone has been so kind and supportive. You can just tell that everyone really enjoys their job. The saying, “you can’t pick your family” really rings true in this industry. When you sign on to work on a project for a couple of months or years, you don’t really know who is going to work with you until you get there! You’re forced to be with them every day. Sometimes, it’s not the best experience but in this case, we just got extremely lucky. No, you can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends and I’m so glad that they are my family and also my true, dearest friends.

I was 9 years old when “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” debuted and I thought it was the most amazing show ever. Why do you think the franchise has been able to thrive as long as it has through multiple generations?
I think it’s because it’s goal is to inspire and uplift young kids and young adults, generation after generation. Power Rangers has always been known for having a diverse team even from the start! The first yellow ranger was Vietnamese and the first black ranger was African American. No matter where you come from or what your background is, you can be a Power Ranger. That has always been the message of Power Rangers. It made the whole entire world feel included. I think that is why it has been able to thrive as long as it has and it will keep thriving!

Have you seen the Power Rangers film that was released in 2017? If so, what did you think.
I freaking loved it! I mean, I also love Bryan Cranston so the fact that he was in it made it so much better.

If you could be any ranger from any time period in the franchise, which would it be and why?
Koda from Dino Charge. He had to learn many things about living in the human world in present day (since he’s a caveman) and still does a fantastic job as a Ranger.

Aside from this franchise, Nickelodeon itself has also been around for quite some. How does joining the family feel?
It’s a dream since I have been a kid. I just remember watching Nickelodeon on my Saturday mornings since I was very young. Nickelodeon definitely shaped me into the person that I am today. So, the fact that I am now a part of the family is overwhelming but in the best way possible. 

What are your “Top 5” Nickelodeon shows of all time?
Oh my gosh! It’s easily Rugrats, Spongebob, Drake and Josh, The Fairly Odd Parents, and Hey Arnold!.

What was your experience like working on “Beast Mode”?
Oh so fun. I got to die, have blood poured all over me, and get my guts ripped out. It was so awesome.

Are you’re a fan of the Horror genre? If so, which films do you enjoy most?
YES! I do enjoy horror, suspense and ghost movies, although I have a very active imagination so I have to be really careful watching ghost movies. I recently watched The Purge for the first time and that was freaking awesome. One of my favorite horror/suspense movies is definitely Hush. It’s on Netflix. It’s so simple and yet will keep you on the edge of your seat.

What does being a food enthusiast mean to you? 
Food is everything. It is family, friendship and love. My parents grew up very poor in Vietnam so the way their family showed love was by making delicious, amazing meals for each other. I’m probably the least picky eater because my mom always told me to “finish my plate”. Growing up Vietnamese and American, I got to eat Vietnamese food at home and everything else outside of my home. Trying out new restaurants and new recipes at home (I love to cook) is one of my favorite things to do. Whether its Japanese, German, Italian, French, Spanish, etc., the best way to experience someone else’s culture is to try their food. The language of food is universal. You could go to a completely foreign country and the thing that could connect you with a local is eating! I definitely want to have my own travel channel where I travel the world, trying different foods.

Is there any dish you eat daily without getting tired of?
Ohhhh…I always get this question and it is very hard to pick because I seriously love all food. But, I would have to say Bun Thit Nuong, which is a cold, Vietnamese, rice-vermicelli noodle dish topped with grilled meat, fresh herbs like basil and mint, fresh salad and fish sauce. It’s very light and has many different fresh ingredients so that could definitely be something that I could eat without getting tired of!

Tell us about “The Sad Girls Club”.
The Sad Girls Club is an Instagram account that caters towards women’s mental health. It is there to create a community within the mental health world and to ignite conversations about the importance of mental and emotional health. It has definitely helped me during hard times. They post really helpful information about ways you can cope (like exercise, getting out in the sun, eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, going to therapy, etc. These are such simple things that can help with our mental health, we just forget about it sometimes with because we get so busy.) and how to get help if you need it! It’s very uplifting to see a community support each other.

Mental health is a big deal, especially in the social media age. What about it hits home for you?
Mental health is extremely important to me. I try my best to be open about my mental health on social media in hopes of helping others to feel more comfortable opening up about their mental health. I think it’s hard for a lot of people to open up about their struggles sometimes because it seems like everyone else is doing fine, especially on social media! Everyone is constantly posting their highlight reels. So, it’s hard for people to come out and say that they’re actually not doing okay. Maybe they don’t want to feel like a burden, maybe they feel embarrassed or maybe they’re comparing themselves to everyone else on Instagram thinking, “That person looks so happy and is living their best life. What is wrong with me?”

Everyone is constantly going through stuff. Just because they don’t post about it doesn’t mean its not happening. Life gets hard for everyone and I want people to feel safe enough to open up about it. It can be really lonely when you’re going through something and you feel like you can’t tell anyone about it. I want people to know that they’re not alone, and that there is always help out there. I want people to know that there are many ways and many things they can do to take care of their mental health.

What are you looking forward to before 2019 is out? 
Spending time with my friends and my family back in California. I’ve been away in New Zealand for almost a year so it’ll be good to be back.

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