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Words By Tyrone Davis

Consistently adding to her business repertoire, LALoveTheBoss is a Hip-Hop artist, model, actress, entrepreneur, social media influencer and more. The Maryland native recently released a hot new single titled, Monkey which is an anthem for women to embrace the “Power of the P” and their sexiness. Monkey is produced by The Box Bangers Productions, which consists of multi-Grammy Award winning producer Darius “Deezle” Harrison and Eric “88Fingaz” Parham.  

We got the chance to catch up with LALoveTheBoss and she and I spoke about her start in entertainment, music, what it means to be natural and social media and not too long after our chat, we were invited to cover the single/music video release for Monkey, which was held at Skylounge in Atlanta, GA. 

Support for her and the record was solid with red carpet appearances by artists Issa, Autumn Marini, Lil AA The Rapper (Nephew of LALoveTheBoss) and Trap Beckham, Karla Escobar (Director of the Monkey music video), The Box Bangers, DJ Ray G (Cardi B’s DJ), DJ Erik Brown, Alease Garrett (Her Momager) and more. She debuted the music video about halfway through the event and then capped it off with a performance. I enjoyed myself. She is very pretty, talented and utitlizes her sex appeal in a way that one can’t ignore.

When discussing her mindset when it comes to her image and things of that nature she said, “Its funny, my momager suggested I go totally natural with my hair at the age of 14. When I turned 18 or 19, I started really becoming popular on Instagram with fitness videos and after that, it has been on ever since for about 5 or 6 years now on social media. My fans know me as “The New Millennium Pam Grier” and I run with that. I’m very gracious and very humble.”

Personally, I prefer natural women but when men publicly express that preference (or any preference for that matter), it never seems to go well. One one hand, we’ve been blamed for women opting for plastic surgery but we’ve also been told to “stay out of women’s business” when we tell them being natural is ok. It is a sensitive topic for many but LALoveTheBoss is very vocal about being natural and when speaking to her about staying natural and not conforming to today’s beauty standards she said, “Well, what made me want to stay natural is that I just wanted to own who I am as a woman in my natural essence. When I was 19, I had a hashtag #getyouanatural. I was natural. My body is natural. I eat clean. I don’t eat meat. Society will make you feel like you have to be put in a box and I’ve always been a rebel so I wouldn’t stand for that.”

Although she wishes to remain natural, she isn’t totally against other people getting surgeries or things of that nature as long as they are doing it because it makes them happy and not because they feel pressured into doing so. I think if anybody understands women’s plight in the social media era, she definitely does considering she has been very popular on social media for quite some time now.  

When I asked her to explain the key to thriving on social media she said, “You have to cater to whatever your audience is. If you’re starting from scratch, you have to follow your passions. Whatever you want to portray online, do that because there are enough people that would be interested in you as a person and/or brand. So, know your target market. Know how you are going to put yourself out there and be consistent. Consistency…..it is a lot of work but it is well worth it.”

LALoveTheBoss recently wrapped shooting, The Bag Girls 2, the sequel to 2020’s The Bag Girls that starred Jamal Woolard, Shelby Leigh, 3D Na’Tee and more. Stay tuned! 

Via @_LALoveTheBoss on Twitter: “Just got Call #Monkey is Now #78 On Hot 100 Radio Charts We goin up My Babies Keep Supporting and Streaming

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Photo: Darren Tieste
Wardrobe Stylist: Lor-e Phillips
Makeup: Lynn Simpson 
Hair: Sasha Turner

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