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Words + Interview By Krystal Luster

Lilimar is best known for her series regular role on Nickelodeon’s “Bella & The Bulldogs” and can be seen starring in the new Nickelodeon series “Knight Squad,” which returns for season 2 in early 2019.

Is there anything or anyone in particular that you miss since moving to the US from Venezuela?
I don’t remember a lot of it since I was very young (6 years old), but overall I had such a fun childhood. So at times, I do miss lighthearted moments such as the ones I had back in Venezuela.

Tell us about #FreshFaceFriday and #StarGazeSaturday. What was your inspiration for these social initiatives?
I was really excited to start both of these on my socials because I just love connecting with my stargazers (my supporters). I’m so incredibly grateful for every ounce of love and support they show as it always keeps me so positive and happy so I wanted to do something that shows that I support them just as much.

I got the idea for #FreshFacedFriday when I noticed that a lot of my fans were being really hard on themselves and not finding themselves “attractive” or worthy of much. I wanted to help them raise their self-esteem bit by bit by challenging them to bravely post a picture of themselves (no makeup nor face-editing) every Friday with me! It surprised me just how many of them were down to do it with me and shut down their inner fears and insecurities. #StargazerSaturday was made as a chance to get to know my followers more and talk about topics and issues that I think should be more highlighted on social media.

It’s a way for me to express my inner thoughts and knowledge and let my “stargazers” have the chance to do the same! Sometimes, society puts too much pressure on everyone to do certain things and act a certain way that at times what we really need is just a way to express what we really feel with those that feel the same struggles as us. At lot of times, if I don’t have a big controversial topic to discuss, I’ll mainly talk about how important it is to take care of our bodies and mental health, of course with lots of encouraging phrases for everyone.

How are you able to remain so positive with so much negativity in the world?
I am aware that for there to be a balanced world, there needs to be both positivity and negativity. I choose to focus on the positive, as the world seems a lot brighter that way. I focus on myself, bettering my skills, learning new knowledge, loving those around me and supporting those that need it. I know that if I put good out into the world, it’ll someday come back to me. Another important thing is, I love and respect my mind, body and soul. Self-love is so crucial to our well-being.

What did you enjoy about playing Sophie in the Nickelodeon series “Bella & The Bulldogs”?
It was my first big project and it’s what brought me out to LA! I will always be so grateful to have been given that opportunity where I learned so much. Everything about the experience was so fun and there’s so many great memories to look back on. The best part is that no matter what set I work on, I always happen to find someone that was part of the BATB (Bella and the Bulldogs) crew!

How did your character develop as the series progressed?
I think as the seasons went by, viewers really got to know Sophie better and understand that even though she’s a real tough one, she has so much love for her friends. I thought she was a great character to use to teach kids about what it means to be a true friend and also standing up for yourself as well as for what you believe in.

What are your thoughts on girls playing football with boy teammates?
I believe if you have the strength and skill for it, go for it. Gender shouldn’t be a limit as to what you can do. There are millions of girls/women that have a passion for football and work extremely hard every day just to get out there and play. I believe they deserve the chance to prove to the world how skilled they truly are.

Were you ever interested in playing sports?
I actually loved playing sports growing up! I would be down for whatever game the coach would have us play during PE. I was mainly into gymnastics though. Going to practice after school was literally the most exciting thing for me and I’d feel so proud of myself every time I’d learn a new move.

Between voice-over work and having to act/play a character on film, which is more enjoyable?
Being in front of the camera will always be my biggest passion but bringing a character to life through voice is such a great experience. I’m so grateful that I’ve even gotten the opportunity to do both but I think I’ll never get over the excitement of being on a set and really acting out a character on camera.

Will you continue to voice the character Solana in the Netflix Original series “Spirit: Riding Free”?
I’ve actually already recorded everything needed for Solana and you can check out all the episodes she appears in on Netflix. I’m so in love with Solana, she was such a cute character to play and hopefully you guys will absolutely love her as well!

Gives us a little insight to the Nickelodeon series, “Knight Squad”. What is your role on the show?
I play Sage. She is part of Kraken Squad along with her bubbly best friend Buttercup. Sage is clever, mischievous and a little on the evil side but never fails to prove how passionate she is about her dream of becoming a knight. She is extremely determined and works hard in order to be the best of the best, even if she’s going to sabotage Phoenix Squad’s quests every now and then. In the show, there are three squads in Knight School training to be the future knights of the kingdom of Astoria. The storylines mainly revolve around the two competing squads Phoenix and Kraken squad. Of course, let’s not forget to mention that there are tons of magical secrets and adventures all around!

How excited were you to find out the show was scheduled for another season?
I think we were all just really happy to know that we would all get to work together again. I was really curious as to what sorts of adventures we’d go on in the second season and now I get the chance to live through them all!

What are your “Top 5” Nickelodeon shows of all time?
iCarly, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Victorious, The Fairly Odd Parents and Big Time Rush.

Lastly, tell us a hidden talent of yours.
There’s actually not too many people that know since I barely ever post about it but I’ve actually been dancing since I was 10-11 years old. After acting, it is another thing that I’m really passionate about. It is especially fun since I get to go all the time with my best friend and little sis!

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