Reinaldo Zavarce aka Peche: Fool

Q&A By: Tyrone Davis

Tell us about your childhood?
I spent my whole childhood in Venezuela where I grew up. It was a fun one for sure. I was surrounded by music and a ton of ways to be artistic since I was born and my mother always encouraged me to be a part of those things. Besides that, I also watched TV and played outside!

Were you a fan of Nickelodeon growing up? If so, which shows did you like?
Yeah! I loved it! “Kenan and Kel” and “Drake and Josh” were my favorites.

Tell us about your role as “Alex” in Nikelodeon’s, “ISA TKM”?
Alex was a high school kid who dreamt of being a rock star. It was easy to relate to the role, haha.

What made you decide to depart from “ISA TKM” and how do you feel about your new solo project? Any pressure?
Not really. The show ended. We had two great seasons and we toured for a while but at some point everybody wanted to continue growing and so did I. I had my own rock band called, “Panorama Express” and toured with it in Brasil. It was fun and I loved that time in my life. Then, I dedicated my full attention to acting in Los Angeles while I was developing my music project undercover until it was ready and BOOM!….

Tell us about your single, “Fool”.
“Fool” is the song I selected as my first single because it is a mix of styles I love and also the perfect transition from the old me to who I am now. It marks the beginning of my solo career and expresses many real situations I was living not so long ago.

Is being multi-talented in today’s industry important?
I think the industry in general is changing so fast and the more tools you have, the more changes you have to succeed. I act, sing, write, produce, direct, edit and I even cook, haha. What I’m saying is that I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had those talents.

I wrote, directed and edited my own music video and I will do the same for those in the future. I also think it’s important to collaborate and be part of bigger things. So, it is important to have multiple talents but it’s also important to surround yourself with multi-talented people who you can trust and build with.  That’s when things blow up!

How do you prepare for an acting role?
The first thing I do is read the whole project. The synopsis, the script and then the characters. I ask questions. Why is this character in these situations? Where does he come from? How was his childhood and what type of family did he come from? That tells me who my character is in the “present” or in the story.

I also go deeper to see what kind of music my character listens to, along with other parts of his personality and it usually takes a few days to a week to prepare, unless the character is more complex or has an accent I have to work on. That makes it take a little longer.

What has been your best acting experience so far?
I have a couple. I loved my role of Miguel on Netflix’s, “Don Quixote – The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha”. It was smart, fun and the film was a period piece. So…perfect!  The other was a short film I did called, “Dear Mama”. It was an extremely fulfilling experience to play an ex inmate that falls back into the crime life because of the precarious rehabilitation system we have. The film was a critique on the system and we actually won best film at the “Big Heart Small Film” Film Festival in Pasadena, CA. Two of the judges were Steven Spielberg and Billy Zane

Who inspires you musically and as an actor?
Living memorably! I always create memorable moments in my life and the people around me that I will recall in the future and breath in and out thinking about.

How do you feel about the #metoo campaign?
I love it. There are many layers to this question but my short answer is that we are part of a generation of change. The #metoo campaign, along with the rest of the campaigns to raise awareness to our problems as a society are key for future generations to grow. They are seeing all of this and will eventually transform humanity towards a more socially conscious global community.

Historically, the different societies in the world have been dominated by few and in the globalized future, I know that there will be more than a few dominating and eventually an equal place, world and universe where opportunities are so equal that anyone, no matter sex, race or culture can succeed from 0 to the top and be treated the same as anybody else.  We just have to keep spreading good culture.

Tell us something about yourself that most don’t know.
I think it’s hard to hide things now with so much social media but I would say that I’m a dork and a nerd, haha! Also, I love learning things, especially about our planet and universe and the rest of the universe that’s out there to explore.

What’s next for Peche?
I have a new song coming out February 23rd and you’re the first to know it. It’s called, “xq callas” and it’s a Trap/R&B song in Spanish! For updates, follow me on Twitter and IG: @Peche.

Photo By Andrekza Vasquez

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