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As we approached the New Year we pounded ourselves with New Year’s resolutions and promises some of us already broke in the spirit of desired change. Although we strive for change within a new year we also strive to grasp those dreams that were deferred and those we put off for way too long. An R&B singer born and raised in North Carolina (by way of Atlanta) named Sasé (pronounced Sasssay) is grabbing her dream and changing it to a reality as she enters the world stage with her soulful musical sound. Sasé has always loved music. “I’ve always been involve with music. It was always around me”, she shared.

During an interview, Sasé and her manager Sid “Uncle Jamz” Johnson of M.E.C.A.P. shared some of her background, future plans, philosophy on love, romance, and heartbreak. With her first-ever single “If I Told You”, Sasé is grounded in the ideas of love, heartbreak, and pain, which are some of the core influences to her music. “Music has brought me all over the world, performing in places like Australia, Spain, Germany, Canada and the Caribbean”, she shared.

When asked about her musical influences she stated, “I am influenced by artists such as Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Babyface, Boyz II Men, Whitney Houston, and an array of others. I love the soul of music and that’s what I do with my music. I tap into that soul where everyone has experienced emotions such as love, hope, heartbreak, pain, happiness, and sorrow. That message resonates with everyone universally.”

Our full-length interview can be found at www.twenty4sevenmagazine.com where we go in-depth with issues such as love, the many aspects of love including the highs and lows of it, which are some of the focal points of her album titled, “UNCONDITIONAL 5.0”, which is also the name of a featured track on the album. Sasé is currently performing weekly at various clubs in the Fort Myers, Florida area. Also, Sasé shared that she was proud and honored to share the stage with one of her musical favorites, Babyface on Sunday, February 14th, in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Old National Centre.

According to her manager Sid “Uncle Jamz” Johnson, when he first heard Sasé he felt a return of R&B with that tradition of love, romance, and heartbreak. “Sasé sings in a way that everyone can listen to and relate to” he said. Her music video to “If I Told You” was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia and features cameos from rappers Skypp and Shank and R&B singer G. LaBeaud of “The Rude Boys”.

He also shared that Sasé’s second single, “Numb” is now getting some airplay in various markets as the first single is still getting love. Her debut album, “UNCONDITIONAL 5.0” was released on Friday, February 12th and features Rodney Stepp (formerly of “The Spinners”), Steve Cooper, Anthony “Peanut” Bush, “A.J.”, Reggie Griffin (of “The Isley Brothers”), G. LaBeaud, and others. Sasé is living the creed of following your dreams while working hard to make them a reality.


Sasé’s Interview

How did you become a muscian? Did you always know you loved music? Was there always a passion for it?
Music for me was always a passion from within. I was always singing in school in North Carolina, where I grew up. I was also involved in the church choir so I knew it from the start.

Listening to some of the songs, it sounds like it comes from a personal space. Are you writing from your own experiences or those people share with you or observation?
It’s a combination of both coupled with my own experiences as well as close acquaintances that have gone through certain experiences. When you are close to someone it can sometimes feel like you are going through the experience too so all of those things influence my music.

You have a common theme in your songs. The project embodies the message of love, what it’s like, when it’s good, and what it’s like when it’s bad. What’s your concept of love?
I believe you get out of it what you put into it. A lot of people go with high expectations because they are waiting on the expectation. They are not actually putting anything into it. With my album I was looking at love in an unconditional way that’s why I titled it, “Unconditional 5.0”. In a relationship, everything should be unconditional. There will always be changes, good days and bad days, and when I thought about a title for the album, “Unconditional 5.0” represented a lot of things personal in my life.

What does the 5.0 stands for?
The five stands for the fives senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. Each of those underlines something that we feel towards somebody.

You mentioned the element of reciprocity, giving and receiving. What do you say to those who say they think they have done that and it did not work?
My advice is to be about you, first. Don’t go seeking happiness. You should find happiness in yourself. As long as you have self esteem and believe that you are number one regardless of what goes on around you, over you, or through you, it won’t take you down the road where you are not succeeding in a relationship because you are succeeding at being yourself.

Sounds like you believe in the concept of commitment and dedication. What was the process you went through to get to where you are right now?
When Uncle Jamz and Tommy said we are going to do an album, quite naturally I was excited, scared, and anxious. I wanted it to be something meaningful. I wanted to put in each different scenario of relationship situations, with R&B being at the forefront, bringing back that passion and maturity of R&B.

Do you write your own music?
I wrote two and co-wrote two songs on the album.

Which song do you feel captures the essence of Sasé?
Wow, so many. I think there is a piece of me in each of the songs. “Let’s do it all again”, “So Glad”, “Taking Back My Love”. They all have a meaning in my life.

We all have crossroads in life. Where are you now in life and love?
Sasé is still building, I don’t think you can get to a point where you are content. I’m still building in all areas. Sometimes you go down a road and you get off track with some sadness or hurt, but you get through the pathways and crossroads. It takes you a step from where you started from. You never get over it, but it helps you grow and get to the next phase. You have to love the experience because without experience you don’t grow. I’m still growing.

Who have been your biggest supporters?
My mother inspired me, pushed me and always told me to keep my head up. Many others who have a passion for music have been inspiring as well.

How would your friends describe you?
Dedicated, dependable, and unselfish, sometimes to a fault. They would say I do more for others than I do for myself.

Where do you see yourself in the musical spectrum today?
I would fall between Janet Jackson’s tone, self confidence, and range; Chante Moore’s sultriness, sexynesness, attitude; and sounds of Whitney Houston and Gladys Knight. These artist including Aretha Franklin as well as Diana Ross influence my style and inspire me.

Why should someone buy, “Unconditional 5.0”?
One should buy it because it covers everything from head to toe. There is attitude, sultriness, and fun down to earth heartfelt music. There has been some very talented producers and writers who have worked really hard to create this album and I am proud of it.

What is your contact info?
I can be reached on Facebook: Sasé, and on Twitter: @Sasethesinger. Also, you can purchase my new album, “Unconditional 5.0” on iTunes. For booking, contact sidviciousjamz@gmail.com.

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