The Vault | Mr. Lucci Talks Debut LP, “Diabolical” + Manager Lying To Him About Popularity

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Mr. Lucci is an artist from Dallas, Texas who is most known for his debut album, “Diabolical” which was released on independent label, Iconic Records in 1999. Prior to the album’s release, Lucci was featured “Crook 4 Life” and “Smoke One”, 2 huge records from the album, “Tha Rippla” by label mate Mr. Pookie. Both of their albums hold the record for most albums sold by an independent artist in Dallas.

In this clip, Lucci talks about his debut and how he never knew how far his popularity reached because his manager always lied to him about it. Mr. Lucci’s interview took place in July of 2014 and was released via our website in written form. We have now decided to release the audio.

Mr. Lucci’s interview via our website.

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