Twista Talks Chicago, His “Withdrawal” EP With Do Or Die, And Future Projects

By: Kysha La-Faye

We caught up with Twista before one of his shows in Indianapolis and got the chance to talk to him about Chicago, his “Withdrawl” EP with Do or Die, and his future projects.

Tell us how it feels to be an artist who has stood the test of time.
Proud, proud of myself; feeling like a tribute to being a true artist and not just somebody for the moment.

At one time it was said you was going to sign to Kanye’s Label. What happen with that?
A lot of that stuff is just rumors. I have been an independent artist for a long time. I’ve been with Atlantic  Records for like 10 years just doing my thing. I will always have respect for Kanye and what he does and vice versa. I know that we will work together in the future one day. That’s the homie. Everything is all good.

You’ve seen both sides of the industry 2 times over. Which has been the best situation for you? Being with a major or being independent?
Like I just said, independent but each one has it’s perks. When you’re on a major label, a lot of times (right now in the game) you are a newer artist. When you are a person who has been established for a couple of years, before what the game has changed to with technology today then it’s better for you to be an independent artist because you are able to profit off yourself.

It has been a minute since you and Do or Die had worked together. What brought about a whole record from you and whose idea was it?
I think it was really us vibin’ around each other and being with the climate of music the way it is today. We thought it would be a good idea to do an EP because you’re only talking like 6 songs. So, we didn’t have to go that hard to do a whole album but yet we were going to give them enough music to vibe to and really give them a feel to where we were at right now when it comes to us working together. It was the whole idea of us doing an EP that made us come with a sequel. Withdrawal…make sure yall get it. Download it, ya dig!!

How is Johnny P? Is he on the project? 
Johnny P is currently working right now. He took a small break for a minute, getting some things in order in his personal life but now, he’s back on it and doing his thing. You will hear him on some future Do or Die projects.

What is your take on the state of the industry right now?
I love it! I feel like Hip-Hop is the dominate type of music right now. I was around when it was a baby and now it is involved with every genre of music right now. I feel like it’s a tribute to the shorties and shows how creative we are coming from the hood.

Hip-Hop is a beautiful thing that started from the youth. I love seeing it constantly grow and the artist constantly prospering and coming up with new, innovative ways to make music, drop lyrics, come up with harmonies, rhythms, and all that shit. Let’s go!

Would you change anything about it?
I would make sure that artists are more educated about the contracts they are signing so they can maximize themselves and their careers.

Do you feel there is something missing in the urban music scene today and if so what?
What is missing from the urban music scene is more positive messages. It’s cool that we like to turn up and do our thing, but I don’t feel like everything we have to do in the hood (when is comes to being from the ghetto or urban community) has to be something that is negative like popping off or talking about doing drugs. I feel like we still need to go back to be able to rock to the positive music the same way we used to do when Public Enemy and other artists were out.

Chicago was once a music capital with a lot of artists coming from there and it’s back on the rise again.  However, the new artists are sounding like they from somewhere else.  How do you feel about the lack thereof with the true Chicago sound?
I feel like it is the true sound of Chicago. I don’t feel like just because  the kids are doing a music or sound  today that’s different from the sound that we were doing or what we were doing from the one before us is not the sound of the city. So, I definitely feel like it is still the sound of the city. It’s just a new generation.

Do you have a new solo project in the works and if so when can we expect it?
I got a few things coming up! I have an EDM project coming up with a bunch of the crazy techno sound type of music to reach a whole different genre. I ‘m just being experimental and innovative right now because I have achieved a certain amount of success already, so is just time to try a little bit of everything. I have project coming out under an alias name too but I don’t have it really put together yet. But, look out for it because it’s going to be a scientific project. I’m going to be rapping about science and creation.

We understand you have your own label as well. What is it and who are some of your artist?
We have a label called GMG (“Get Money Gang” or “Get Money Group” and we have a few artists that we have started to work with right now. We have my man Show Time that has been down with the label for a long time, doing his thing. We have a bunch of new artists that we are developing as well.

How do you feel about all the violence going on in Chicago as well as around the country?
It’s been bad. People are paying attention to it more now because they are able to see it because of the internet. People have cell phones now and are catching people up doing shit so we are able to see the violence level on a whole other scale.  But, I don’t think that it should be tribute to one city because I think it’s a worldwide problem. We are just focused on the U.S., but it’s more than just a nationwide problem. We need to get our shit together and put some money in the communities. Everybody needs to stand the fuck up and speak more positive shit.

How can people follow or contact you for booking?
@twistagmg, that’s all on my social sites. Hit me up let me know what you want to get poppin.

Any last words?
Get the Withdrawal EP with Twista and Do or Die. Listen for anything that’s coming out GMG. Twista loves all the new artist that represent the Midwest.

Thank you for taking time out your day to do an interview with us! Good luck on your show tonight!

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