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Interview by: T4S Staff

Chicago Rap Trio, “Do or Die” is BACK! Well, not exactly. Do or Die member, A.K is currently working as a solo artist with a new single. Check out this cover story interview from Issue #3.

What’s been going on with Do or Die?
We’re all good man. I’m continuing as a solo artist, Nard is doin his thing and getting his album together, and Belo has three albums and two books together. Even though we’ve had a few obstacles, like Belo being locked up, we’re still going strong and making albums.

Has the incident with Belo affected your music career?
Naw, it just gave me a chance to take on new ventures and push with or without Belo. His style is our style so he’ll always be in the midst of everything we do as Do or Die.

So what happened with your record deals with Rap-A-Lot and The Legion?
The contract ended with Rap-A-Lot. As far as Legion, I decided to start my own label and he wanted to do his so we parted ways but everything’s still good.

What’s your relationship like with other Chi-town artists?
It’s wonderful, from the younger artists all the way up to the older artists who’ve been in the game for awhile.

Is the recording process harder doing a solo project vs. a group project?
No, actually it’s a lot easier because you can do what you want to do. When you’re working with two other people you have to incorporate their ideas. By being a solo artist I have the freedom to be me.

Do you ever feel the need to change anything in your music to fit what’s “hot” in today’s music?
Not at all, the industry loves originality and that’s what I feel I need to stick with.

What’s the name of your new single?
It’s called “Sex Drive” and it’s hot to def.

Does it have the same feel as the old Do or Die?
It’s up to the standards of what’s going on today and it still has some of our D.O.D. flavor with it.

Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with on this project?
I got Shay V, Johnny P, Twista, Cold Hard from Crucial Conflict, and The Synpaz. I did a whole Chi-town callabo.

When can we expect it to drop?
We are looking to drop it around May or June.

Are you signed with anyone now or will this be an independent release?
It’s going to be released by my label, Round Table Records, which is an independent.

Do you have anyone signed that you want to mention?
Yeah, we have a young lady named Shay V and an artist named Genesis out of Milwaukee.

What else can we expect from you?
Expect a lot! I’m doing seven albums in one year where D.O.D. did seven albums in ten years. I’m going to be releasing mix tapes like crazy, and be on the lookout for my album “Picture That” coming in May or June.

What’s your take on rappers today?
Rappers are evolving, music is evolving. People complain about how they don’t like certain things but it’s just music and the rap game so you have to respect it for what it is.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
Yea, just know that we will always keep our music original. We’re going to continue to make what you love to hear and we got your back at all times.

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