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Words + Interview By: Krystal Luster

When you’re capable of doing it all, there’s no other way to think of yourself other than as something mechanical. However, Janine The Machine is all heart, body and soul. She may vibrate on a higher frequency, but that hasn’t kept her from being down-to-earth and in tune with her artistry and those who have a similar passion for her craft. Learn more about the Summer-loving Leo and be sure to add/follow her social media.

How would you describe growing up in Detroit?
I’m so proud to be from Detroit. It is a city like no other. I was born in the city but grew up right outside in Southfield, MI. You can actually see my old house in my “High Places” video. Growing up there really helped me develop a dope work ethic. We have that hustler’s mentality. That go-getter spirit.

Detroit has a rich history, especially in music. Who are your “Top 5” from Detroit? 
Anita Baker, Eminem, Big Sean, J. Dilla and I’ll leave the last spot open because it’s a tie between a few people.

What is the meaning behind your stage name?
I write my own songs, engineer my own sessions, direct my own videos and whatever else needs to be done. I’m involved in the creative process on every level. I’m a machine! I’m super involved every step of the way and I’m very blessed to work with a team that believes in me enough to help bring my creative vision to life.

How would you describe your sound?
International. I’ve been to so many dope places in the world that inspire me like Tokyo, Dubai, Mumbai, Kingston and Milan. I like combining different sounds from different places.

What does your EP, “High Places” mean to you?
“High Places” is all about empowerment. I want people to turn on my music and get inspired to go after that dream they have, leave that cheating boyfriend, or take that risk they’ve been afraid to take. It’s all about elevating and operating at your highest frequency.

Tell us about your singles, “Mañana” and “No Chill’”.
“Mañana” is one of my favorite songs from the project. It’s all about getting lost in the vibe and living in the magic of the moment. It’s produced by Pierre Medor & Tricky Stewart. We have such a great chemistry and the record was super easy to make. 

“No Chill” is my anthem for all the dope women who know their worth and refuse to take shit from anybody. It’s about women sticking together and not settling for less than we deserve. If you’re a lying, cheating, fuckboy with no chill, keep it pushing!

What is the “No Chill Challenge”?
Before I released ‘No Chill’, I played it for a bunch of my friends. The crazy thing is, every time I played it, one of my friends wanted to tell me their personal fuckboy story. I finally got the idea to record them and give girls a platform to speak their truth. It’s all in good fun and it’s pretty hilarious.

What was it like working with songwriter/producer Tricky Stewart?
Tricky is a musical genius. He’s been in the game so long and has worked with so many amazing artists that he just gets it. Besides being a great producer, he’s also a great person which makes him super fun to work with.

How do you differ from other artists in the industry?
I try not to compare myself too much. I think everyone has special gifts that make them unique. That’s the beautiful thing about life. No one can do you better than you. I’m always focused on being the best version of myself.

Were you ever intimidated pursuing a career in music?
No. I believe we all have a special calling in life. Music is mine.

How have the Spice Girls and TLC inspired your own artistry?
Both groups represent girl power and I’m all about that. 

Do you have a favorite member of each group? If so, who? 
Scary Spice is my favorite Spice Girl, of course. She was the wild and outspoken one in the group which I can totally relate to. In reference to TLC, Left Eye was such a huge inspiration to me as a kid for similar reasons. She had a crazy style and was never afraid to say what was on her mind. I loved that.

How do you most enjoy spending your free time?
Traveling, meditating, doing yoga….anything that helps me relax and stay grounded.

How often do you meditate?
I try to meditate every single morning. It’s how I stay tapped in.

Tell us about crystals and why you use them.
I love crystals. I started collecting them a few years ago. I have different ones for different reasons, but right now I’m really into my amethyst (it help keeps me calm) and citrine, which I keep in the studio for creativity.

Have you completed 10,000 hours working towards your craft? If so, do you consider yourself a “master”? 
I’m a huge fan of Malcolm Gladwell so I love that reference. I’m always learning and adding to my skill set. 

Explain why Jim Carrey is #BaeAF. 
First of all, I’m a huge Jim Carrey fan just based on his work but I follow him on twitter and recently he’s just been so woke! He’s been tweeting about a lot of things that most celebrities would never touch on. That type of authenticity is everything.

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
Hot Cheetos, although I really don’t feel that guilty after eating them. They’re so worth it.

Tell us something about yourself most don’t know. 
I used to have a fear of escalators. I actually just got over it in the past year. I always thought the edges were going to eat my feet. 

How can you be reached via social media?
I’m most active on Twitter and Instagram @Janinelamachine. I’m also on live.me: Janine The Machine.

Any last words? 
Yes! Check out my new EP “High Places.” It’s out everywhere! Also, follow me on Twitter and IG @janinelamachine.

Photo By: Reuben Chapman

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