Makin’ Noise: Ronny Tekk

Q&A By Lucky Smith

Can you tell our readers where you’re from and what the culture is like there?
I’m from Gary, Indiana. It is a small town about 30 minutes east of Chicago. I grew up on the east side (17th and Carolina). The culture there is pretty much just like Chicago but smaller and we have our own lingo and things we like to say and do.

What type childhood would you say you had growing up?
I had a pretty simple life. Me, my brother and my parents lived in a small 2 bedroom house with a dog and a backyard. I had a portable basketball goal back there so everybody from my hood used to come over and play ball with us. That’s how we were known. We didn’t have a lot. Most of the time, me and my brother had to share everything. But, we made it work.

What where some of your hobbies?
My hobbies were basketball, video games, music and backyard wrestling.

So, what made you get into music and what age were you?
I started producing beats around age 7 on a PlayStation2 on a game called, Ejay Club World that I used to play and the basis of the game was to use pre made loops to create music. My aunt gave me an old Sony receiver for Christmas that I would hook the game up to and on the receiver there was a tape deck and an EQ so it was possible for me to record my beats. I would go to Family Dollar and buy tapes for $5, make beat tapes and let my friends hear them.

When did you feel like music was your path in life and the direction you were going to go?
I felt music was going to be around me for a while when I graduated back in 2009. I had always been in band from middle school to high school and had won numerous state awards for playing 1st chair saxophone. When I graduated, I got introduced to FL STUDIO and from then on I knew this was what I wanted to do.

What has been your biggest placement thus far?
In 2016, I thought I had my biggest placement with Desiigner. I made this track called, Moon People which consisted of his acapella Tim Westwood freestyle arranged into a song. That was everywhere but it didn’t quite go how I wanted it to. So, as of now my biggest placement has been in the film Lazarus where I have a song with rapper, Rico Reckless.

We understand you have a well-connected mentor. What are you learning from him?
Yes, I call him big bro, Jtrx. He has taught me a lot about the secrets of the independent music scene as well as the industry and how to move.

What type of music would you say is your signature style?
I really love sampling. I can sample pretty much anything and I’ll never know what comes out of it. I think that’s a style within itself.

So, you also rap we as well. How long have you been rapping?
Not so long. I started in 2012 off and on but I would always sort s ramble and skat words and cadences to beats I’ve made.

Describe your style.
I would say my rap style is very high energy and chaotic but I can also sing as well.

With your music, what are you giving the people who may not of heard your music?
I think it helps them be happy and energetic. A lot of my music is played at the gym by trainers and people who like to work out.

Do you have anything out now or coming out soon?
I have a debut DJ album I’m producing with a lot of dope artists from my area.

Out of rapping and producing, which is your first love and why?
I think I love producing more but so many people love my voice so I can’t really choose. It’s easier for me to produce a song than it is writing one.

If you had the chance to produce for anybody in the game right now who would it be and why?
I want to produce for Jay Z on some Timbaland Black Album type stuff.

If you could feature on someone else’s song, who would it be and why?
I wouldn’t mind having The Game or Darke on a feature. Maybe Rick Ross or Jay Z as well. I can produce anything so it would vary on the vibe on who I would want on it.

What is your ultimate goal for yourself?
My ultimate goal is to solidify myself as one of the greats to produce music, like Quincy Jones. He just knew whose voices belonged on whatever production.

Who are some people who have worked with thus far that we should check for?
Desiigner, 2KDRAE, AMERIKKKEN, MERXH, Freshduzit, Poindexter and many more.

Who are your “Top 5” producers?
Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Swiss Beats, Kanye West and DJ Premiere.

Is there nyone you would like to shout out that helped you along your journey?
Of course big bro, Jtrx, my big cousin BIGTURT who introduced me to FL STUDIO, my other big cousin (Boo) who taught me how to use FL, Beezy who taught me the business side of music……there are so many others to name.

Lastly, what is your social media info?
People can find me on social media, everything @ronnytekk.

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