Natalia Damini

Interview By: Lucky Smith

Natalia is an international pop superstar who is making big noise in America with the help of a few of our native Hip Hop artists. She is definitely worth the listen. 

For those that may not know you, can you tell them who you are and where you’re from?
I am Natalia Damini. I am 21 years old and I am from Brazil. My new album, “Beautiful” on Itunes right now and has a lot of cool features, such as Nikki Minaj and Gucci Mane. I have been performing all over Brazil, singing and dancing.

You were raised by the great musician, Carlos Diaz. How did he influence your career?
Yes, he is my grandfather and he played the Saxophone. I was very shy about singing and he was the first person that sat down and listened to me. When I lost him I stopped singing for a while. I told myself, “I need to not to be shy”. My dad later heard me and said I had a beautiful voice and he really believed in me. So, they both helped me get over my shyness. From that point on, it changed my life.

Who are some of the artists that inspire you?
Madonna. I had her CD and I just loved her voice. I used to try to sing like her, even though I didn’t speak English. When I started dancing, I became a fan of Shakira and Brittany (Spears), as well as a few other pop singers. They all really inspired me by the way they performed and sang. I like a lot of the American artists.

Since your first single, how do you feel you have grown from then to now?
My first single, “Feeling the Love” was something I was just doing with a friend. He wrote the beat and was like, “Let’s make a song in English” because it wasn’t common in Brazil. So, we decided to do it with Electronic music. Then, we wrote the song together and that’s how it came about. We then passed it on to DJs in the area and they really liked it and started asking, “Who is that girl?” I started getting shows all over Brazil after that.

How have people have accepted your music in the US?
It seems people really, really like it. My single, “Your Lies” went number one on the charts (over Lady Gaga) and that’s BIG. I feel so happy because we achieved that first chart position for a month. That’s a masterpiece at that time for it to be on a website that just started selling Electronic music. So, that was amazing to me and people get excited with everything I share with them. Here in Brazil I have a nice fan base already and they are really supportive. I really love them.

You have won numerous awards. How does that make you feel?
It’s always an honor, no matter what award it is and whether I win or not. It’s like people are recognizing what I do. I’m not doing it for nothing so I want my music to touch people and when nominated it shows that they realize I am doing something. Any artist that receives an award should feel very special.

How did you hook up with Nikki Minaj for your newest single, “Hot Fire”?
That was amazing. I have to thank my team Full Court Entertainment, Concore, as well as Mister Jam and my production team. I’m such a fan of Nikki and I think she is an awesome rapper. It was an honor to have the feature from her. That song is my lead single. So everyone go get it and make go #1 on the charts.

Do you have any other major features on the album that we may be familiar with?
Yes, there is Gucci Mane and the Shop Boys. I think people are really going to like the song, “Buy Me a Bottle” with the Shop Boys.

Being from Brazil, what would you say is the difference in the music business between the U.S and abroad?
There is a HUGE difference. When I first started my career, I never thought about doing my music in English or being worldwide. My manager told me I needed to make that transition because we wanted my music to be heard by everybody. Being promoted in America has made my music get heard around the world. Since July, I have gotten over 10,000 likes on my Facebook page.

Do you interact with your fans?
Yes, that I really love people and I’m humble. I talk with everyone who comes to my social sites since I manage my own pages. I want to know what my fans like and don’t like. So, hit me on Facebook.com nataliadaminioficial and Twitter/IG @NataliaDamini

Any last words? 
I just want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I want to ask everyone to go to Itunes and buy my new album, “Beautiful” and also make sure you follow me on all my social networks.

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