Twenty4Seven Beauty: Kaymah Kollison

Where are you from and how did you get into modeling?
I am from Monrovia, Liberia but I grew up in East Orange, New Jersey. I got involved with modeling after being scouted in Chicago.

What was your first modeling event and how did it impact your career?
My first modeling event was “Midwest Fashion Week”. A local photographer snapped a photo of me on the runway and it was purchased and published by a major media outlet. It encouraged and gave me confidence that modeling was the right career for me.

Do you think it’s hard to be a professional model these days?
At this point in my career, I’ll have to say no. Not only does a model have to fit the height and weight requirements, they also have to stay in shape (even plus size models) watch what they eat, maintain clear acne free skin, protect their image, remain hardworking and dedicated to modeling but those requirements are all part of the job description.

What do you think qualifies a person as a model today?
What qualifies a model their ability to meet the job description is their versatility in their looks and willingness to work in harmony with the designers, stylist makeup artist, and the entire backstage crew.


What is your biggest accomplishment thus far in your career?
My biggest accomplishments thus far would be walking for Korto Momolu at the 2014 Indiana Black Expo Fashion Show.

What type modeling do you do, runway, print etc.?
Runway mostly.

What was your worse modeling experience?
My worst modeling experience happened when I lost my sister and had to make a public appearance two days after her death. I chose to attend because I knew my sister would want to see me happy but when I got there, I was overwhelmed with demands and didn’t really want to be there. I was upset with myself and felt like I focused too much on my career and forgot about my sick sister. Grief has a way of making one feel guilty. This incident was personal but as far as having a bad experiences, modeling is way too exciting to recall them.

What are your measurements?

What is your relationship status and do you find it hard to date being a model in the business?
I’m not single and no not at all.

What’s your preference men or women?
I am human, therefore I love other human beings.

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If you were about to be eliminated of “America’s Top Model”,  what would you say to pursuade them to keep you?
I would say that I’ve grown a lot these past few years and my dedication to my career and is greater now more than it ever was. The best photos of me are yet to be taken.

What is the wildest thing a person has said to you to get you for a job?
The wildest thing a person has said to get me for a job is offer to take me on shopping sprees, make me a beneficiary on their life insurance, and of course photographs for my portfolio.

What are your goals outside of modeling?
My short term goal right now is finishing an English degree. Long term, I want to own an apparel manufacturing company or a clothing line.

What’s the best asset on your body?
My brain.

If you had 24 hours to work for anybody in the world who would it be?
Korto Momolu, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey and Nicki Minaj.

If someone wanted to contact you, how can they reach you?
They can reach me by email at bookings.boyhero@gmail.com or through my agent at info@lmodelz.com.

Photos: Casey Photography

Q&A By: Lucky Smith


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