Twenty4Seven Beauty: Keshia Parker

Give us a little background information about yourself. What was your childhood like?

Well I was born in Chicago, but grew up in Kentucky from age 11. My childhood was fun. I was the only child for 5 years so yea, I was spoiled and very in to stuff, lol.

When did you decide that you wanted to become a model?
I decided I wanted to model my senior year in high school. I got on my pretty girl stuff and was all into myself so once I graduated and had my first child, I took off with it.

What type of modeling are you most interested in? Runway, print, etc.?
I love all of it. I started in runway, but I love it all.

Describe Louisville’s market.
Louisville’s market is cool. We are an up and coming city. It is a lot of raw talent here that needed to be exposed on a bigger level.

Describe your personality?
I’m very spontaneous and goofy. People who really know me know I’m a goof ball. I really like to have fun and I’m outgoing!

In your eyes, what qualifies a person to be considered a “model”?
Someone who has a consistent portfolio.


With all of the “competition” out there today, how do you stand out?
I’m Keshia Parker. I stand out regardless. I really don’t get into who is my competition. I just do what I do and make sure I’m doing it right.

Have you ever encountered a photographer who wasn’t professional and/or wanted more from you? How did you handle it?
Ugh, Yes! When I first started. I study photographers before I work with them. I can tell if they are fuck boys. I really try to stick with people I’ve been shooting with for awhile so I don’t have to deal with the stupidity.

How do you feel about strippers who are models and vice versa? Can they co exist or should they be separate?
That shit is annoying and really gets under my skin because that makes it hard for real models like myself to get on. I’m over it but I do think that we can co exist if the industry can separate the two. I know everybody wants to get money everywhere but sometimes you have to stay in your own lane and visa versa. Next!

Is it harder or easier to maneuver in the entertainment industry as a woman?
I can only speak for myself. It is what you make out of it. I’ve learned to pick my battles in this industry and I’ve come across some awesome people!

Who/what inspires you?
Life, people, and love


Are you single or in a relationship?
I’m in a relationship….with my life, Lol.

What type of guys do you like?
I’m going to be honest. I love a businessman/doe boy. It’s something about a hustler that keeps me in tune and keeps a woman on her toes to see her man be the man.

What is your ideal date?
A man taking me to his house and cooking for me, Lol. I love a man who can cook! If you cook for me, we go together, Lmao!

What is your ultimate goal in the modeling field?
My ultimate goal is to get endorsement checks.

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far in your career?
I make art pieces.

Are you involved in any businesses other than modeling?
I’m currently working on opening an upscale shoe lounge.


What kind of advice could you give younger women who aspire to enter the modeling field?
Know what it is you really want to do in the modeling field. Research it and kill it!

What is one misconception people have about you?
That I’m stuck up and mean.

How can you be contacted for business?
www.keshiaparker.com or modelgrind@gmail.com

Q&A By: Lucky Smith

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