Twenty4Seven Beauty: Whitney Renee

Interview by: Kysha and Cienara Williams

Issue #28’s beauty of the month is the gorgeous Z97.5 Rock Girl, Whitney Renee.

Can you please give our readers a crash course in the history behind the beauty?
I’m a 27 year old mother of two boys, ages 5 & 2. I grew up in Tennessee. I moved a little in my younger years, but I always end up back here. I am an army brat and the older sister to my best friend, my brother.

For those who don’t know what being the Rock Girl of Z97.5 entails, can you describe it to us?
I am the face of our local radio station for the year of 2015. I do appearances at different shows around town and I do photo shoots every month with the station’s awesome photographer, Shelby with Shelby Waltz Photography, LLC.

What other type of modeling do you do (print, runway etc.)?
I am into fitness, print, promotional, lingerie, and bikini for now.  I was published on a web site not too long ago thanks to my amazing partner in crime, my photographer Martin DeKorte of InfiniD Studios, and then you guys here at Twenty4Seven Magazine are the first to publish me in a hard copy magazine!

Photo By Martin DeKorte of InfiniD Studios | @infinidstudios

Describe you personality?
I am LOUD. I get it from my mom, who is from Brooklyn, NY. I am super outspoken and love to have fun. I definitely tell it how it is and get some grief about it but hey, I feel like that is how everyone needs to be.

Because you are such a beautiful woman, did modeling come easy to you or did you work at it?
Aww, thanks.  I mean, I never had classes on how to pose or where to put my hands, I just look at a lot of photography. A hobby of mine is photography so I try to pose ways I would want my models to pose but my photographers are pretty awesome at guiding me to make the perfect shot.

We did some research on you and learned you are also in school. What are you studying and where?
Yes, I am. I started off as a Biology major because I had plans to go to pre-med. I switched it to nursing after my first semester because I wanted to work sooner with having two kids, and then just bridge into pre-med later. But thanks to a friend of mine, I think I found my passion almost 2 years later, lol. I am currently in school to become a Certified Surgical Technologist, (I pass the Instruments in surgery). After I graduate and do that for about a year, I will continue my education to actually assist in the surgeries.

Photo By Michael Brooks of Regime Photography | @muzicby2propa

What are your goals outside of modeling that you are trying to achieve?
My main goal in life is to finish school and be able to give my kids the lives they deserve. I refuse to struggle. I have done that for far too long. I am too old to be messing around. If my modeling starts to jump off, then I’ll go for it, but not until after I have finished college.

I see that you were recently engaged. How do you balance your line of work with your relationship/family?
I did get engaged, August 28th of 2014!!  Honestly, with schooling and modeling, the rock girl gig and being the best mom I can be, my fiancé is the BEST! He is my rock and with all the stress we have floating around in our life, he still manages to support my every decision and motivate me. He never lets me forget how proud he is of me. With support like that, balancing is easy. he creates that balance for me!

Looking at these awesome images, you are fit and it doesn’t look as if you are a mother.  How do you maintain your body?
Well, thank you!! Honestly, it’s in the genes! Lol, I don’t eat a lot of junk and I do some exercising here and there.

Photo By Martin DeKorte of InfiniD Studios | @infinidstudios

What type of fitness regimen do you use? Do you work out daily? Do you diet?
I don’t have a crazy workout schedule that I stick to every day like some of these people that I envy for having that kind of motivation. I would love to go to the gym all the time, I love the gym but right now my time is super limited.

What challenges/achievements have you encountered during your modeling career?
I’d say this is a pretty awesome achievement right here!! There are many challenges though. My biggest one right now is time and money. But, I know that is all temporary while I finish school

Do you believe you are living out your dreams?
Honestly, not completely. Some of my dreams are slowly but surely coming true. However, I am happily living out my reality!

Photo By Michael Brooks of Regime Photography | @muzicby2propa

Do you have any advice for other young women like you who are trying to pursue their dream of modeling?
Don’t stop trying. I have never had an agency. I have just had really good friends motivating me. Promote yourself! You don’t need some fancy high class group of people telling you if you will make it or not. I am nowhere near to “making it,” but I’m way closer than I would be if I would have listened to all the naysayers along my path.

If someone wanted to contact you for bookings, how can they reach you?
My Email is: whitneyrmodel@gmail.com
My Instagram is: @whitnee
My twitter is: @whitneyr_model

Thank you guys at Twenty4Seven Magazine so much!!
Xoxo – Whitney R.

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